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GPS Yacht Deliveries

Frequently Asked Questions


Should you need instruction, whether it be boat handling, docking, anchoring, basic seamanship, watch standing or navigation, are available on a fee basis should you wish to accompany the GPSYD Crew on your yacht delivery.


All expenses for air travel, ground transportation, fuel, boat expenses, provisioning are the responsibility of the yacht owner. The owner is to provide GPSYD with a portion of the agreed written delivery fee and estimated boat expenses (generally 50%).


is to be provided by the yacht owner. The owner is to contact his/her insurance company and provide GPSYD with a copy of the insurance policy showing that the policy is current and in force for the latitudes to be traveled by the yacht and crew.


information will be provided the yacht owner once a delivery fee has been agreed upon.


Communications will be provided by satellite phone. A tracking device will be aboard every vessel delivered. This device will enable the owner and his family and friends to track the vessels progress via standard Browser / Internet link or via daily email update.


will be made on board as necessary and practical during the yacht delivery. Should professional repairs be necessary the GPSYD crew will put in at the nearest port of call. GPSYD suggests that the owner have his/her vessel inspected for readiness before setting sail. A reasonably well stocked spare parts kit, filters, impellers, belts, etc., should be on board. It is also suggested that owner have a Sea Tow policy or the like in force. A copy of the policy be made available to GPSYD before departure. PPPPPPP: Prior Proper Planning Prevents Particularly Poor Performance.


I will return your boat as clean or cleaner than I found it. It will be properly tied up, and locked up at the dock or mooring of your choice. I will expect payment in full upon completion of the delivery or wired to my account. All GPSYD deliveries are dry and non smoking.

Booking the Trip

Advance booking for your yacht delivery is always the best. However, call me as 50% of my trips are short notice and I will try to work you in. Just call and/or e-mail me and I will send you a written contract. I will need a deposit of 50% of the labor fee for most trips.